New Kittens!

We are excited to announce the adoption of our new kittens, Stan and Carl!  We transitioned them to a raw diet and they are thriving, it’s been less than a month and I bet they have doubled in size! Their coats are so soft and the sneezing they came to us with has completly disappeared!  Best of all, no litter box odor with the raw diet! If you are interested in raw diets for your feline friends, we are now stocking Rad Cat, Answers and Stella and Chewy’s complete raw meals for cats.

Welcome to Fido’s!

Luke and I are excited to be part of the neighborhood. We both grew up in the Denver Metro area and graduated from Green Mountain High School. We returned to Denver in 2010 after spending 17 years in Gunnison, CO. Choosing Wheat Ridge for our home and the home of Fido’s Grub -n- Tub was a great decision. We love the sense of community and small town feel. Spending time with our dogs is the best part of our day and ensuring their health and happiness is our top priority. We are excited to bring Fido’s to the neighborhood to help you provide the best products for your dogs and cats.

Thanks for checking us out, we appreciate your business!

Luke and Prudence