Pet Self-Wash


We offer private rooms for self service dog washes. The rooms feature large tubs with ramp access and thick non-slip mats for comfort and safety. The tubs can accommodate very large dogs including Great Danes, Newfies and Mastiffs.

Self Wash Price: $15.00 per pet*

The self wash is a walk-in, first come, first served.  No appointment required!

All washes include –

  • Conditioning Shampoo. Choose from four luxurious botanical formulas made by Aroma Paws.
  • Brushes and scrubbies.
  • The Absorber – a super absorbent chamois that dries your dog faster than cotton towels.
  • Ear cleaner with cotton balls.
  • Organic Foaming Face Wash.
  • High volume dryers are available in each room.

Have fun bathing your Fido and leave the mess for us!

*Multiple dogs receive a $5.00 discount when using the same room at the same time.