Pet Supplements


At Fido’s, we understand that your pets are like family – you want the best for them! But just like humans, pets sometimes experience health problems: dry skin, rumbly tummies, and even bad breath. Whether these problems are due to genetics, lifestyle, or even age, we’re here to help.

Our shop offers a variety of supplements made with whole foods and simple, natural ingredients. Designed to support optimal nutrition, aging, and preventative care, a good supplement can have your pet feeling better in no time.
Even if your pet is happier and healthier than ever, a supplement is still a good idea. In addition to replacing nutrients and enzymes lost in the processing and cooking of food, the proper supplements include benefits like:

•  Healthier skin, shinier coat
•  Improved digestion
•  Healthier joints & stronger bones
•  Increased energy
•  Reduced tartar and bad breath
•  Elimination of toxins
•  Improved immune system
•  Enhanced longevity